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The first thing customers see are your webpages.

This means that the company's website must be number one when allocating resources for the company's marketing. There is no way around this.

  • We can help you - and your business - with:
  • Online strategy and advice to be present on the web
  • All types (large and small) web solutions - with Joomla Open Source CMS
  • Web Store Solutions - based on Joomla and Hika Shop Open Source
  • Banner Advertising - AdWords campaigns
  • Support and advice on Joomla CMS

Do you want a professional web presence?

When you want to market your business online,  all the external pages are most important ones. Therefore we together create a plan and find your (measurable) reason for being on the internet - before we talk technical solutions.

Being present on the Web require progressively specialized knowledge, which takes time to collect and maintain. So it makes sense that you entrust the difficult technical part to a partner like us and put the energy into creating content.

When you say "A" must also say "B"

An attractive and well designed website can no longer stand alone as the company's online activity. Google as the preferred search engine compels us to use other activities such as YouTube, Google Plus mm. All activities in the network must be maintained - constantly.

How much does a good website cost?

Rather ask what it costs to be present online. It is important to allocate the budget for all activities on the web and not just the technical solution  the website is. The view is individual on what a good website should contain - call / mail and get a concrete offer. A standard page costs from 9900 NOK.

Which technical solutions do you use?

We use a the widely deployed OpenSource CMS system Joomla. Open Source means in practice is that you only pay for our work and knowledge. On your behalf we collect the parts that will form the technical solution. You are not bound to us as a supplier, but can always find another Joomla expert to help you.

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We have extensive experience

We have created professional websites since 1997. In recent years these has been almost exclusively with Joomla as a starting point. We have experience with more than 30 Joomla installations, and we are still thrilled over the system's flexibility and opportunities.

We can help you maintain and update your Joomla solution >>


We can help you

Structuring and planning on pages on the internet, layout and design. Together with partners we offer alternative technical solutions, domain registration, server space, hosting, maintenance, etc.

What do you need help with?

We can take care of everything from development of new pages, design and preparation for production, transmission of pages of internet, maintenance, etc. - Adjust and adapt existing pages. We also provide assistance to solve technical computer problems and have connection with IT vendors in sales, installation, upgrading and maintenance aimed at small and medium enterprises.

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