Need help editing corporate video?

Have you recorded a video in your business and you want to use it in a movie to promote your business and your products? Maybe you need help to get it edited to a video that gets a professional look and something your company can be proud of?

A video camera is easy to use and something most people have some experience with. Often you have a camera with you on a job so that you can document a product or an event. It is a good and effective method. The next step is to get it transmitted to the customers.

Maybe that's where you hit the wall. Video editing is difficult and takes time - and not least, the result is perhaps not quite as convincing as you imagined.

Let us help you with video editing

We have many years experience in creating visual images that tells the story that need to be told. We may combine your recordings with graphics and animations to enhance the general expression and look. Often editing is about sorting and especially weed out material that does not support the story you want to tell.

The perfect YouTube video

An online video should definitely not be edited randomly together. YouTube, the world's second largest search engine has clear goals on how a video is to be shared so that people see it to the end. This is a recipe that we follow. Meanwhile we select the appropriate video format and coding so you get the best and brightest quality of your company video.

Final Cut Pro is a professional editing program where we can make almost anything. Along with Compressor we can solve almost any cutting and compression tasks.

Final Cut Pro X is our preferred platform because it is easy to create a good result - fast. Moreover, we have several special programs that compresses and translates many different video formats.

The process that your video undergoes

  • The video is digitized from the camera to the computer.
  • Outtakes can be run through a filter that enhances the clips.
  • The files are browsed through to find the best sequences.
  • The story is cut to 1 level.
  • Graphics and animation are applied.
  • Sound levels are adjusted.
  • Music is applied.
  • Speak is purchased and edited.
  • Finished films are submitted and uploaded to YouTube or other video sharing platforms.

Not sure if we can help you?

Just ask! - We are happy to arrange a meeting so that you can get a clear knowledge about the possibilities and prices.

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